Hfreeman Technology Alliances  

"Harris' impressive knowledge and experience in developing and managing business alliances were of great help in launching our partner program.  He is a pleasure to work with – he was quick to grasp our needs, and efficient in creating the right framework and materials for our program."
-- John Powers, President, Digipede Technologies, john@digipede.net
“We found Harris’s focus on and understanding of business and channel alliances to be essential in building our relationship with Microsoft. Harris understood how to obtain information on Microsoft and then use that information to develop a successful plan for obtaining much needed mind share and seed money. Harris has a pleasant mature personality and fit in well with our management team.”

-- Joe Butler, VP of Engineering, ObjectWare, joeb@objectware.com

"Harris is great at building technical relationships. Engineers love him because he is one of them, but he also has a firm head for business. His work with Sun was an excellent example of how to ride on the coat tails of a leader, and it was crucial to Cloudscape's success."

-- Malcom Colton, VP of Marketing, Cloudscape, malcolm@tmres.com